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Recaro seats are more than just a set of components. They’re made of innovation, quality, premium materials, craftsmanship and a serious passion for cars. From the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics to uncompromising sporting flair, their products are as diverse and exacting as the individuals who buy them. And always in the quality you expect from Recaro. Choose cutting-edge performance that puts you in the driving seat.

Please contact us through the form below to discuss your seating needs and to request a quote.

We are unable to sell seat rails individually without seats.

For more information about a seat, including trim options and pricing, click its picture.

For the street

Recaro Pole Position (ABE)
Recaro RCS
Recaro Sportster CS
Recaro Speed
Recaro SR6
Recaro SR7

Classic Line

Recaro Classic Pole Position (ABE)
Recaro Classic LX
Recaro Classic LS

For The Race Track

Recaro Pro Racer