Recaro Pole Position (ABE)

Pole Position (ABE)

A thoroughbred racing shell licensed for a sporty ride on the open road. Tried and trusted by the world’s most famous secret agent! The RECARO Pole Position (ABE) is the ultimate track-road crossover seat. With a one-piece shell made of carbon aramid (CFRP/AFRP) or glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) and flawless ergonomics, no wonder it has a long-standing track record as one of club motorsport’s most popular racing shells. Many exclusive car manufacturers upgrade their top performance models with the Pole Position.

The Pole Position is available in the following trims:

Velour black, Nardo black/Artista black, Ambla leather black/Dinamica suede red, Ambla leather black/Dinamica suede black, and Leather black

The trims available for the light weight carbon version are:

Velour black, and Leather black.

Please note that some trim designs/options are not held in stock or are only manufactured on request. This means the lead/order times and cost vary per seat so that information can only be given by inquiry with the details of the seat(or seats) you are considering.