Motul Autocool Optimal Ultra 1L

Motul Autocool Optimal Ultra 1L

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MOTUL AUTO COOL OPTIMAL ULTRA is a concentrated long life antifreeze that should be mixed with soft water for immediate use as a cooling liquid, based on monoethyleneglycol, using an Organic Acid Technology (OAT) additivation named Organic Tech. Strongly recommended for all cooling systems: passenger cars, heavy duty, construction and agriculture vehicles, gardening, ships, stationary engines …

Optimal protection of cooling systems against freezing and metallic parts against corrosion. OAT technology provides an excellent thermal exchange and therefore improves engine cooling efficiency and prevents from boiling. This organic technology provides anti-corrosion properties that remain at high temperature and aging. Low corrosion inhibitors consumption allows extended drain intervals. Water pumps protection, avoid cavitation. Seals, rubber pipes, hoses and plastic parts friendly.

Organic Technology. Concentrated formula (down to -54°C / -65°F) Concentrated anti-freeze to dilute with water.

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