Motul 8100 POWER 0W20 5L

Motul 8100 POWER 0W20 5L

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Motul Specific RBS0-2AE 0w20 is a high Performance 100% Synthetic Fuel Economy Engine Oil specially designed for VOLVO "DRIVEE" Gasoline (VEP) and Diesel (VED) lastest generation fittted with catalytic converters and Diesel Particulates Filters (DPF). Can be used also for OEMs requiring 0W-20 engine oil with low friction and very low HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity oil (≥ 2.6 mPa.s). Suitable also for Gasoline engines requiring an ACEA A1 / B1 standard and 0W-20 viscosity grade Fuel Economy lubricant type such as HONDA, NISSAN, SUBARU…. Compatible with catalytic converters.

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This is a replacement oil for Motul Specific RBS0-2AE 0w20 that meets or exceeds those standards.