Motul 710 2T Pre-Mix/Oil Injection 1L

Motul 710 2T Pre-Mix/Oil Injection 1L

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Motul 710 2T is recommended for any high performance 2 stroke bike, sports bikes, replicas, trails, off road bikes, enduro, mopeds… fitted with high performance 2 stroke engines, running at high rpm in severe conditions, direct injection or carburettor. Suitable for oil injector systems or premix, leaded or unleaded gasoline Compatible with catalytic converters.

100% synthetic lubricant, Ester technology, specially engineered for high performance engines running at high rpm, perfect oil film resistance to protect against wear. Improved power output, minimise engine internal friction : Japanese JASO standard consists in passing 4 engine bench tests in order to evaluate lubricity, detergency, anti smoke and anti deposit lubricant properties. JASO FD performance is the highest level of JASO standard, improved engine cleanliness compared to JASO FC. Formulation built on synthetic bases with very high combustion properties which minimise smoke and deposits.

  • API Standard:
  • JASO Standard:
     FC, FD
  • OEM Approval:
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     100% SYNTHETIC