47730-14260 47750-14270 Front jza80 supra calipers
47730-14270 47750-14280 Rear jza80 supra calipers
04465-14390  04466-14040  jza80 supra brake pads
04947-14010 Front jza80 supra brake fitting kit
04948-14010 rear jza80 supra brake fitting kit
04945-14111 Front brake shim kit jza80 supra
04946-14031 rear shim kit jza80 supra

JZA80 Toyota Supra Big Brake Kit

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JZA80 Supra Big Brake Kit. This is a full brake kit for a JZA80, all parts in this kit are genuine Toyota.

All parts are genuine Toyota.

Kit contains the following: 

Front :

  • 2x Front disc rotors LH & RH
  • 2x Front calipers LH & RH
  • 1x Set of front pads
  • 1x Shim kit 
  • 1x Fitting kit 


  • 2x Rear disc rotors 
  • 2x Rear calipers LH & RH
  • 1x Set of rear pads 
  • 1x Shim kit 
  • 1x Fitting kit