FD 13B Rebuild Kit
FD 13B Rebuild Kit
FD 13B Rebuild Kit
FD 13B Rebuild Kit

FD 13B Rebuild Kit

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This is a genuine rebuild kit using all Mazda OEM parts. We use these kits when we rebuild our rotors in house. 

All parts come from Mazda Japan so please check with us on availability before purchase. 

If there is a parts combination you would like please let us know as we are happy to do a custom list for you.

Below is a list of standard engine rebuild parts below, no rotors, no housings

Part No# Description Qty
N39010502  FD RX7/Cosmo - Front cover gasket – Steel 1
N3Z111S10A  FD oil control ring set 4
166810556A  Rear Main Oil Seal Rotary 12a/13B not RX8  1
N31810S60A  FD O Ring Set - Water seal set 1
N3R110507  FD Seal Oil - Front Cover 13B 1
101111351 FD Spring OS Front 2
101111361 FD Spring OS Rear  2
101111353A  FD Spring OS Front 2
101111363A  FD Spring OS Rear  2
82011341 FD O Ring Inner  4
120211343 FD O Ring Outer 4
N32611C20A  FD SEAL CORNER  12
NF0111C24  FD Spring Corner Seal  12
N3Y111C11  FD Seal Side  12
NF0111C17  Spring Side Seal  12
N35111C00C  Apex Seal 2mm 13B steel  6
N32611C04A  FD Spring Apex seal  6
N32611C06C  FD Spring out Apex Seal  6
N3A111B11  FD Rotor bearing - FD3S  2
NF0110E04  FD Metal Stationary GR  2
N3A113111C  FD Inlet Manifold Gasket 1
N3A113112  Gasket upper intake Manifold F 1
N38615162  FD Water Pump Kidney Gasket - 3 bolt 1
N32611D03  Spigot Bearing - FD RX7 1
188111404A  Oil Seal - spigot FD RX7 1
Z436  Oil filter FD RX-7 1
Run-in-1L Motul 3000 Plus 4T 10w40 4L 1
Run-in-4L Motul 3000 PLUS 4T 10W40 1L 1