G4X StormX Link ECU - Wire In

G4X StormX Link ECU - Wire In

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This product is the latest Link G4X Storm engine ECU, A fully featured, 6 cylinder ECU with built-in wide band and E-throttle controllers. With 8 injector drives and 6 ignition drives, the G4X Storm ECU is perfect for almost any engine with up to 6 cylinders. It can also run engines with up to 12 cylinders using group-fire injection and a distributor or wasted spark ignition.

G4X Storm features:
  • Data logging 
  • Open & Closed loop boost control 
  • Variable camshaft control (up to 4 cams) 
  • Closed & Open loop idle control 
  • Knock control 

G4X Storm inputs and outputs:
  • Inputs

    • 8 x Digital inputs
    • 3 x temperature inputs
    • 8 x Analog inputs
    • 2 x Trigger Inputs
    • 2 x Knock Inputs

  • Outputs

    • 8 x Injection drives
    • 8 x Ignition drivers
    • 8 x Auxiliary outputs*
    • +5V Sensor power supply
    • +8V Sensor power supply

    *unused fuel and ignition drives can be used
    as additional auxiliary outputs. 

Link G4X ECUs do not require the use of an air flow meter. The engine can be converted to speed density using a MAP sensor and an intake air temperature (IAT) sensor (both sold separately)

The G4X Storm comes with a non-engine-specific base map. The ECU will need to be configured for the engine type and then tuned by a professional. The ECU comes with free PCLink software

This product is for the ECU only, this ECU requires a wiring Loom (A LOOM 2.5m long), depending on the application and the amount of outputs etc needed you may need a B loom as well (B LOOM 2.5m Long).

We can also provide the following with your new Link ECU at an added cost:
- Fuel System Upgrades
- Turbosmart Wastegates, Blow off valves and Fuel Pressure Regulators
- Boost Control Solenoids
- Dyno Tuning
- Engine sensors and plugs etc
- Full Link ECU engine wiring installation available at an extra cost