Link ECU - G4+ Kurofune
Link ECU - G4+ Kurofune

Link ECU - G4+ Kurofune

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Welcome to Strange Workshop, this product is the latest Link G4+ Kurofune engine ECU, The Kurofune is Link’s first G4+ ECU built to run off adapter looms. Meaning there is already a host of aftermarket adapter looms for all types of Japanese cars that will plug straight into your car and straight into the Kurofune.
This also means that the Kurofune is a ready-made replacement for other aftermarket ECUs that share that same wiring set-up.

Kurofune Specifications:
  • 30 General Purpose Tables and many dedicated tables.
  • 100 channels of logging. 32Mb of logging memory.
  • All Motorsport features including antilag, traction and launch control.
  • Built in trigger oscilloscope.
  • Onboard Knock Control – support for two knock sensors wired directly to the ECU.
  • No external amplifier required.
  • QuickTune – automated fuel tuning.
  • OBDII output stream – send engine data to your tablet or phone using an OBDII to wifi/bluetooth adaptor (not included).
  • Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping.
  • 5D boost control with three switchable tables.
  • Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps. Individual cylinder correction.
Kurofune Inputs & Outputs
  • Inputs - 10 x Digital Inputs 3 x Temperature Inputs 9 x Analog Inputs 2 x Differential Trigger Inputs 2 x Knock Inputs
  • Outputs - 8 x Injection Drives 8 x Ignition Drivers 10 x Auxiliary Outputs 4 Analog Outputs +5V Sensor Power Supply
  • Connectors 1 x Sixty Four Pin Connector 1 x CAN Bus 1x USB Mini Tuning Connection.

The G4+ Kurofune comes with a non-engine-specific base map. The ECU will need to be configured for the engine type and then dyno tuned by a professional.

We can also provide the following with your new Link ECU at an added cost:
- Fuel System Upgrades
- Turbosmart Wastegates, Blow off valves and Fuel Pressure Regulators
- Boost Control Solenoids
- Dyno Tuning
- Engine sensors and plugs etc
- Rollcages
- Certification.