Link ECU - G4+ Atom - Plug In ECU

Link ECU - G4+ Atom - Plug In ECU

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Welcome to Strange Workshop, this product is the latest Link G4+ Fury engine ECU, A fully featured, 6 cylinder ECU with built-in wide band and E-throttle controllers. With 8 injector drives and 6 ignition drives, the G4+ Fury ECU is perfect for almost any engine with up to 6 cylinders. It can also run engines with up to 12 cylinders using group-fire injection and a distributor or wasted spark ignition.


ECU features:


On-board digital wide band lambda control for a LSU4.9 sensor         

Data logging

E-throttle control

Closed loop boost control

Variable camshaft control for up to 4 cams.

Closed loop idle control

Knock control

Motorsport features (Launch Control, Anti-Lag etc)


G4+ Fury inputs and outputs:


8x Peak and Hold Injector Drives

6x Ignition Drives

10x Auxiliary Outputs (Fan, Boost control, ISC, etc).

9x User-configurable Analog Inputs (MAP, TPS, oil pressure, etc.)

4x User-configurable temp inputs

2x Dedicated trigger inputs

10x Digital inputs (or 8 if using CAN bus 2)

2x Knock sensor inputs with knock control fully enabled as standard

2x Independent CAN buses


Link G4+ ECUs do not require the use of an air flow meter. The engine can be converted to speed density using a MAP sensor and an intake air temperature (IAT) sensor (both sold separately)


The G4+ Fury comes with a non-engine-specific base map. The ECU will need to be configured for the engine type and then tuned by a professional. The ECU comes with free PCLink software.



This Product is for the ECU only, this ECU requires a wiring Loom (A LOOM 2.5m long), depending on the application and the amount of outputs etc needed you may need a B loom as well (B LOOM 2.5m Long).


We can also provide the following with your new Link ECU at an added cost:

- Fuel System Upgrades

- Turbosmart Wastegates, Blow off valves and Fuel Pressure Regulators

- Boost Control Solenoids

- Dyno Tuning

- Engine sensors and plugs etc

- Full Link ECU engine wiring installation available at an extra cost