Haltech Elite 950

Haltech Elite 950

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The Elite 950 is a single connector ECU ideal for basic V8 engines and basic carburetor-to-EFI conversions. Suitable for either naturally aspirated or forced induction engines the Elite 950 is a powerful, compact ECU.

Inputs and Outputs:
• 8 x Fuel Injection Outputs (Peak And Hold (0-8A Peak / 0-2A Hold)
• 4 x Ignition Outputs
• 2 x Engine Position Inputs with extensive trigger type support
• 2 x Digital Pulsed Inputs (Digital inputs only supported)
• 5 x Digital Pulsed Outputs
• 2 x User Definable Analogue Voltage Inputs
• 1 x Throttle Position Input
• 1 x Coolant Temperature Input
• 1 x Air Temperature Input
• 1 x Internal 3Bar Map Sensor rated up to 200kPa of Boost (2bar/29psi)
• 1 x CAN Bus communication for Haltech CAN Expansion

Data Logging:
• Onboard Data Logging
• Data logging, Up to 10 channels of logging
• Fastest Sample Rate 50ms
• 512Kb Internal Storage

We can also intal and organise dyno tuning at an extra cost.