Haltech Elite 1500

Haltech Elite 1500

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Ideal for popular late-model performance and racing applications, the Elite 1500 is recommended for 4 cylinder, DBW or 2 rotor engines, EFI conversions and engines with multiple variable camshafts.

Fuel Injector Outputs:
• 4 x Current controlled injector drivers
• High or low impedance injector compatible
• Programmable Peak Current – 0A – 8A
• Programable Hold Current – 0A – 2A
• All spare injector outputs can be used as generic DPOs with 1A Max output.

Ignition Outputs:
• 4 x Over current protected ignition drivers
• Max current 1A per driver
• All spare ignition outputs can be used as generic DPOs with 1A Max output.

Digital Pulse Outputs:
5 x Over current protected low side pulsed outputs
• 1 x Dedicated engine control relay output which can control up to 6 relays simultaneously

Drive By Wire (DBW) Outputs:
• 2 x Over current protected hi / low side motor outputs
• Suits most OEM throttle bodies and pedals
• Max current 5A per driver
• 1A Average current
• 100KHz Max frequency

Stepper Motor:
• 1 x 4 wire stepper motor control
• Can be configured as 4 x hi / low side outputs
• Max drive current 1A per output
• Max sink current 1A per output
• Over current protected

Analogue Inputs:
• 10 x Analogue Voltage Inputs (2 of which are compatible with narrowband O2 sensors)
• Switchable 1K Ohm pull-up resistor for sensors
• Rated up to 20V Max input voltage
• Supports up to 1.5KHz input frequency

Engine Position Inputs:
2 x Engine position inputs with extensive trigger type support
• Supports variable reluctor and digital inputs

Synchronised Pulse Inputs:
• Supports variable reluctor and digital inputs
• 50KHz Max frequency• Rated up to
20V Max input voltage

Knock Control:
• Supports piezo knock sensors
• Synchronised to engine position

Internal MAP Sensor:
• 3 Bar Internal MAP Sensor rated up to 200kPa of Boost (2bar/29psi)

• 2 x CAN Bus communication for Haltech CAN and vehicle CAN expansion
• 1 x USB connection for programming

Data Logging:
• On-board data logging (up to 40 channels of logging)
• Sample Rate 5ms
• 1MB Internal Storage

We can also intal and organise dyno tuning at an extra cost.