MCA Suspension

MCA Suspension was founded in 1991 by former Australian Rally Champion Murray Coote. Having worked on suspension for his rally cars, Murray saw a lack of expertise in the suspension industry and sought to improve the current situation. Murray’s drive to improve was noticed by rally teams across the world who began sending shocks for revalving and so MCA Suspension was born.

The goal was simple, go back to the basics and do it properly. This ideology applied to all MCA products and something that many brands seem to lose sight of. Advanced suspension features are useless unless the basics are executed effectively.

Shortly after, Murray created his own line of custom made suspension now known as the Gold Series which can cater to nearly every motorsport application and remains the most successful suspension product in Australian Time Attack.

With huge success sorrounding the Gold Series, demand was high for a new range of suspension that adopted the philosophy and pedigree of the Gold Series at a more affordable price to the average competitor or enthusiast. Murray’s protege and son Josh answered the call creating the made to order range of MCA suspension available today.

MCA Suspension now caters for a wide range of enthusiasts and budgets with Red series acting as the control shock for a variety of competiton series including the 86 Race series through to the new addition of Street Essentials providing exceptional comfort and value for money in street vehicle applications.

So what makes MCA Suspension so special? It all comes down to customer service, research and development. Running vehicles in Time attack Pro and Open class as well as a Pro class drift car allows them to continually explore new ideas and test new concepts at the track. It is this constant development that flows through to their products and offers customers superior knowledge and performance. Suspension is their life.

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